The below table presents the remuneration for services constituting comprehensive solution dedicated to entrepreneurs conducting business activity on foreign markets as well as those who are willing to set up such business.

Fixed remuneration:

Entrance fee 700 EUR 800 EUR 900 EUR
Monthly net rate 150 EUR 200 EUR 250 EUR
 1. Access to fully equipped office X X X
 2. Local employee available for up to
5 hours weekly
 3. Individual phone number with local prefix X X X
 4. Access to computer with local IP number X X
 5. Maintenance of the local Internet domain X X
 6. Access to conference room for up to
5 hours weekly


Services included in the entrance fee
 1. Preparation of necessary agreements – office space rental agreement, employee outsourcing agreement etc.
 2. Preparation of resolution on the change of company’s registered office
 3. Installation and launch of the phone line
 4. Reservation and purchase of the local Internet domain*

*) only for 800 and 900 euro packages


Variable remuneration:

Remuneration for services exceeding standard packages shall be calculated based on the below rates.


Additional service Net rate
 1. Services above the scope of standard package for example additional working hours of the local employee or additional access to the conference room in range exceeding the one mentioned in Table 1 100 EUR/h
 2. Preparation of website on a local domain Individual pricing
 3. Submission of changes into the registry and obtaining new certificate of registered office Prices vary depending on jurisdiction
 4. Telecommunication services Reinvoiced according to the provider’s tariff
 5. Translation services Reinvoiced according to the provider’s tariff

Terms and conditions of remuneration payment

The amounts shown above are subject to goods and services tax to be added according to a corresponding rate.

Payments for the packages are made in advance once a year for the following 12 months within 7 days based on the issued invoice.

Considering the above, Clients will be granted a 5% discount for the chosen package. The discount does not apply to entrance fees.

Charges for the hourly rates are invoiced once per month, at the end of the month in which the services were performed.

Payments are made in EUR unless the parties agree otherwise.

In case the payments are overdue longer than one month, the provision of services may be suspended starting from the first day of month following the month when the payment was due.

The cost of notary fees, stamp duties, courier or other external costs associated with the scope of services rendered are reinvoiced according to the providers tariffs. The above shall not affect reinvoicing mentioned in points 4 and 5 of variable remuneration table.